Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Custom Bike Build: Part 4

This is my rebuilt Honda cb400f.
Thank you to Devin, Neil and Alan from the WoodstockMancave and everyone else who helped me to complete this project.

To read about the rebuild process follow the links below:
My Custom Bike Build: Part 3

The absolute cherry on came when the Woodstock Mancave put on its annual Garage Built Show in December. The streets were filled with bikes and bike enthusiasts along with pro bike builders showing off their latest creations. Then there was the private or non-professional garage built bikes which were all listed and entered into their competition for the best bike build. My bike was entered and landed up winning the best bike award!! I was totally blown away by this prize and recognition.


  1. Brilliant Richard! Great job.....

  2. Awesome job, Richard. Great journal about the process.

  3. Very very cool outcome of the bike and what a perfect bike to custom.
    I've been playing around with the idea to custom a bike myself, been thinking about it for quiet some time now and I have a bike in mind to custom. Only thing is that concerns me is the cost of a project like this, I have absolutely no idea what it could set back in costs. Having said that I must just do the right research as it's a dream to build and own my very own custom.

    1. Hey Sean. I do have a fairly comprehensive list of expenses, so I can make a plan to publish it. Just off the bat some of the big ones were tires, powder coating, respray of petrol tank, handle bar. I guess it also depends what state your bike is in and if there any missing parts. Good luck and go for it!

  4. Thanks for the response Richard, I be interested in that publication/info.
    As far as I'm aware the bike I'm interested in is in good nik. The only problem it doesn't start when hot so that a problem easily sorted. Let me know when you publish, looking forward to that.

  5. I look forward to that publication or info on costs. The Honda I'm looking at seems to be in good nik, the only problem is that it doesn't start when hot but I'm sure it can be fixed. How long did your custom bike take from start to finish?